The Most Visible And Vilified Race In America Are Without Our Own National News Media Operation




“We have seen the enemy…”


Failing to take advantage of our free press constitutional rights in not establishing our own national news media operation is just part of the story of how we have been working against ourselves as a race since the success of the civil rights movement.   Ironically,  the reverses we are experiencing began with that historic movement’s successes and integration, resulting in unintended negative consequences.


Black Americans have made tremendous advancements economically, politically, individually and collectively. With the success of the civil rights movement and voter registration drives, political and economic opportunity opened up. The popular pre-civil rights’ sentiment among black people of “we’re all in this together” shifted to “every man for himself” and it became all about the “Benjamins.” Blacks began getting jobs and careers they never envisioned, political offices and appointments they never imagined.


This should have been the ultimate fairy-tale ending if things had remained that simple. Actually, things did remain simple. Human nature kicked in. Black folk were as interested in career advancement as the next person, doing what people do on jobs when they want to progress: “go along to get along to get ahead.” A black employee in a mortgage-lending company engaged in racial redlining didn’t go screaming out the door, “Oh lawd, I quit y’all redlining.” Racial crusading on the job was recognized as not a successful career path.


Keeping it real, until very recently the Muhammad Ali Harry Belafonte model is not the current template to which black professional athletes or entertainers subscribe. It’s close to the reverse, the more rich and famous the less likely is one to speak up on race. One of the more ironic evolutions has been the rappers who were originally the most adamant against police abuse with their famous  "F… the police." Now the themes are more about getting paid and getting laid. In the meantime the police thing is as alive and predatory as ever. The welcome break through as far as a few professional athletes now speaking up is discussed here.


This gives insight on how a race has willingly and unwittingly acquiesced to being economically seduced into participating in traditional racist practices. Even the black rich and famous have been reduced to silence with fortunately, a few recent exceptions. It also shows how critical the establishment of this  national news media operation is to have at least one entity in place to represent our interests and concerns and bring them to the public forum. Tragically, when we turn to the two most egregious institutional racist offenders with life and death power--law enforcement and the mainstream news media--that has proven to be a lethal combination for black Americans.


                                      RACE POLICE AND PRESS


Law enforcement is a profession that around the world attracts a lot more than those who simply want “to protect and serve.” It’s the one occupation, other than the military, that allows one to engage in anti-social behavior (killing, brutalizing, bullying people, etc.) with societal approval.


We don’t know the number or variety of ulterior mindsets that have worked their way into the profession. However, from the innate bullies, those needing a gun for validation, to the garden-variety racists, you can’t exclude individuals with various negative self-serving agendas.  Add the traditional visible and vilified target group, black males, and you have, for those with agendas other than “to protect and serve, “a virtual impunity-laced target-rich playground for their indulgence.


Probably the most naive assertion by those wanting not to offend the entire department, “it’s just a few bad apples,” is the toast of bad cops around the nation, the greatest recruiting attraction for every “bad  apple” out there. The gratuitous contention fails to recognize the whole barrel-contaminating factor, which is the “code of silence.” How can a good cop be good and knowingly support the bad cop’s misconduct with his silence? Who’s being served, certainly not the children, when we avoid facing this truth?  The “code” is the key that must be addressed.


When integrating, police departments did not hire a bunch of Martin Luther King Jr's. The reality is blacks  internalizing “how we do things around here” are the ones likely to advance. To believe racial crusading black police officers are the ones promoted to sergeants and police chiefs would be a naive assumption contrary to demonstrated reality.


The popular misperception is that the integration of these institutions--law enforcement and the mainstream news media--insured against them continuing their traditional racist practices.  Putting black people in various career positions of authority with the presumption that they will do right by their black brethren is one of the biggest myths and misperceptions serving as the premise for many a misguided decision and programs. Clarence Thomas just happens to be the most notable example of a black person in power engaging in racially counterproductive actions.


“THE BIG COVER UP” video shows the entire mainstream news media knowingly supporting a lying police officer against the black President of the United StatesEveryone missed this travesty including President Obama and his people despite it having played out on national television. The black AG Eric Holder apparently missed it or felt powerless to address it. Being the only news entity in the nation that not only caught this police and press farce but also documented the police and press complicity, shows our competence in monitoring these traditional racist practices and validates us being indispensable as the appropriate national news media operation for this mission.








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The Fundraising Goals

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The $200 thousand is to produce a compelling ground breaking   24-hour television sample news day telecast/pilot that will show how effectively an entire race of people can be transformed to an unprecedented level of empowerment overnight.


The telecast news day pilot is the centerpiece of our multimedia business plan to be presented to the 137 "Giving Pledge" billionaires, from whom we will be seeking in the neighborhood  of $200 million to launch our 24/7 national television cable news network and 24/7 on-line news magazine.


The "Giving Pledge" billionaires say they are looking for game-changing concepts worthy of supporting. Certainly providing black Americans with national news media presence and representation for the first time in history is about as game-changing and as big as it gets.   $200 thousand is for the first stage of this historic endeavor.


From Symbolic

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Our Indiegogo

Campaign Progress


Here’s how this works. We are sending a select group of professional athletes a letter by email  to the player’s agent. Our selection is based on those men who have taken a recent public stand  on the issue of race and police injustice.







Initially we were posting the response of the agents because our first attempt to share this opportunity with a player, Colin Kaepernick. has yet to be passed on to him by his agent as indicated by our tracking device. The irony is Kaepernick  has pledged to donate $1million to the cause. However, that lack of agent cooperation seems to have been the exception. We are receiving cooperation from other agents.


This is a numbers game, Our main objective is to get this opportunity before those who have expressed concern publicly and hopefully they will share this with their peers.  Certainly there are those out there that will appreciate the uniqueness of this opportunity and the once in a lifetime chance of realistically and effectively addressing this fundamental inequality.


Once we reach our $200 thousand goal we will issue a press release announcing the completion of our Indiegogo campaign. The announcement will publicize the completion of the first stage of our plans to provide African Americans with national news media representation for the first time in history.






"For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?"  Mark 8:36


Nothing puts the bizarre nature of this challenge in perspective more than the reality of an entire race of people being totally oblivious to our marginalized status of being without our own national news media. Remarkably, few black Americans even realize that we are without this fundamental empowering component in the society. In fact, black people have become so accepting of our current second-class status dazzled by individual accomplishments, that we have to actually sell black people on supporting  this liberating concept.


The unique urgency of this mission  and why it should not to be taken for granted is dictated by  our  discovering yet another unexpected source of opposition beside the police and press complicity we exposed.


Remarkably, as you will see, the most resistance to this historic advancement has come from black people in leadership positions, representing black professional organizations or even heading up major philanthropic foundations. The only reasonable explanation seems to be we are looking at a rather widespread variation of the Stockholm syndrome. Clarence Thomas is not alone by any means.


In this fund raising presentation, contrary to popular beliefs, we show black police officers once hired, are no different in how they treat black people than their fellow white police officers. Secondly, we expose the little known practice and tradition of the mainstream news media despite being integrated not prioritizing our issues, interests and concerns, nor should they be expected to do so. However, here’s the eye opener: the news media, consistent with their long standing and little known tradition and practice, knowingly supports law enforcement misconduct in race matters.


We have shared this heretofore-unknown police and press complicity amounting to one of Americas best kept racist secrets, with these foundations, specifically George Soros's Open Society Foundation, the Ford Foundation , The Kellogg and MacArthur Foundations. Much to our surprise they have proven to be indifferent to this obvious deep-seated racial inequity. The lack of acknowledgment of this fundamental racist problem or support from these foundations to our obvious common sense solution has been  shockingly revealing.


These foundations who have been enjoying an image of being genuine in addressing the racial inequality in America are proving to be one more major entity that in this instance are acting opposite to their public image. With this new police and press complicity  knowledge we have shared with them, in not supporting our remedy, these foundations join the integrated news media in supporting the news media's practice of knowingly supporting police misconduct when race is involved. They can’t have it both ways. There are more revealing details here.


You can’t be informed of this press and police complicity, ignore the solution we offer and remain neutral. This is like knowing the identity of a serial killer and choosing to ignore the information thus allowing his killings to continue. Ironically , the actions of these foundations acting contrary to their public image is a classic example and confirmation of the need for our own national news media to expose the words not matching the deeds of these foundations.




At this point  we should be proud black Americans who have overcome slavery, and the civil rights movement. Now that we have reached this unprecedented level of economic and political strength, we find ourselves having to overcome one of the most formidable forces black Americans  have ever faced. It's the widespread embrace of this self-defeating mindset of "going along to get along to get ahead," which has resulted in a race with few of us disposed to acting in the interests of us as a race.


This is what we have surprisingly learned and are disclosing here. It's not only blacks in law enforcement and the news media that have been acting against our interests as a race. Whether it’s the heads of professional black organizations or  heads of the NFL or NBA  players associations, or the black heads of the Ford or Kellogg foundation, they have all demonstrated that having been presented with this historic opportunity to advance us to this unprecedented empowerment and full participation in the society, they all chose not to support this opportunity to help advance us in this endeavor.


Ironically, each of these Foundations, George Soros' Open Society foundation, the Ford , Kellogg and the MacArthur Foundation have specific programs that per their mission statements, this project is the precise definition and the  ultimate fulfillment  of what they say they are seeking and all four foundations failed to live up to their mission statement's commitment. It should be noted, a foundation is only as true to its mission statement as the staff people minding the store.


This is further justification for us having our own news media operation. These organizations have no compunction in engaging in blatant hypocrisy when there is no fear of exposure. Fortunately, the paper trail of their hypocrisy is being made available for all to see here


Its obvious  that as a race we are missing a collective sense of racial pride and self esteem which was not activated among these black leaders even when seeing how the black president, Barack Obama was subjected to the racist police and press complicity in the BIG COVER UP. The one possible out/excuse these black people in these leadership positions can  have is that they did not review the video. Nevertheless, it remains an indictment  on their lack of vision that they did not support the project addressing news media inequality.


The unmistakable  message that should come through in this entire presentation is, there is no quit here. Nor do we intend to participate in this racial self-defeating behavior by keeping quiet about those in leadership positions who are acting against our progress as a race..


It's going to be up to individuals sharing this historic first and last opportunity with other black Americans by participating  in this  INDIEGOGO campaign to make this happen.


This presentation is based on one principle. It's the abiding strength and the one thing that will make it happen-- truth and facts. There's that old saying that is just as powerful now as it ever was when first stated. The Truth will set us free.












In the last two years between the President’s “My Brother’s Keepers Alliance, the Ford  and Kellogg foundation close to $2 billion has been raised ﷯and allocated to racial equity. The irony is no program being considered or sponsored by these funds will come close to results this development will achieve. We're talking  liberation and unprecedented empowerment, the ability to impose accountability where it has never been and  filling this news media void/inequality.  Only $200 thousand needed to complete this multimedia business plan stage of this endeavor.


This is a sociological phenomenon about which we alone seem to be aware and are singularly addressing. In this media driven age, the most visible and vilified race in America who can least afford it, black Americans, are without our own national news media  representation.


Being without our own national news media for so long has allowed a national mindset of acceptance of this obvious racial news media inequality  to set in as the accepted  reality of the  way things are and should be. This is a widespread mindset that we must overcome.


In sports, coaches talk about putting their players in position to be successful. To extend that metaphor by establishing our own national news media we are putting a whole race in position to be successful because it will result in us no longer being marginalized and having our own national news media operation.  We finally have the missing device any interests group should have in a society for their protection, particularly the target group.







To participate in the Indiegogo campaign

Send your pledge of the amount you intend to donate to  usathisweek@aol.com

 Once we have the $200 thousand in pledges we will notify you of the date  when and how  to send your donation to Indiegogo.

Let's make this happen!!!



A Major News Media Void/Inequality  Exist That Is Unacceptable


This lack of our own national news media is the most obvious long-standing fundamental racial inequality we are experiencing in America. The news media directly impacts every aspect of our existence to include the police and race problem. It’s a sociological phenomenon that the  most visible and vilified race in America,-black people-are without national news media presence and representation. The news-media is the source from where information is shared, impressions are made and hearts and minds are won. Not having our own national news media means, in the information game we are without  a team on the field thus we aren’t even in the game and whats worse, most of us don’t even know it.


An Unoccupied  News Media Power Base Is Being  Conceded.


Forty-four million black Americans and growing spending $1.1trillion annually and counting are without our own national news media operation. This means a major market is waiting to be served, a major power base is waiting to be occupied and a substantial business opportunity to sustain the operation is yet to be launched. There is no reason to concede our news media control to the mainstream news media domination? We are perfectly capable of representing our own interests, issues and concerns with our own national news media operation. That's the objective of this mission.


The Constitutional Right Of A Free Press  Is Yet To Be Fully Exercised by Black Americans


The constitutional first amendment right of a free press was designed to give the people  the right to put in place a news media apparatus to monitor and expose as a deterrent to those who would choose to abuse their power and authority. This is a right that we as black Americans have yet to fully exercise by establishing our own national news media fully exercise by establishing our own national news media operation. It’s the lack of our ability to impose accountability that is directly responsible for the freedom with which we are being racially abused with impunity particularly  by law enforcement.  Establishing our own news media means working the system the way it's supposed to be worked.


Accountability Finally Where It Has Never Been


The inability to impose accountability has allowed all sorts of racial injustices to prevail.  The best-kept mainstream news media secret is their tradition and practice of knowingly supporting police misconduct when race is involved. This is a racist tradition and practice in the news media that we have finally exposed with irrefutable evidence. It sure isn't going to be revealed by a confession from those in the news media. The racist practice is so ingrained in the news media that some of the journalist may not realize their participation. This racist practice between police and press will no longer go undetected, unchallenged  and unreported.


This IS All About A Collective Sense Of Racial Pride, Self Esteem And Common Sense



Until we have our own national news media we remain a marginalized people and less than full participants in the society. The real casualty of this long-term absence of our own national news media is It has allowed a negative cultural mindset to be widely embraced by black folk that accepts this news media inequality as an immutable reality that can’t be altered or addressed. Institutional racism is not nearly as challenging as conditioned racist mindsets internalized by black folk. For those afflicted with this self-defeating mentality, it stops people before they get started. We see it

manifested in a number of ways. When your imagination can't perceive a certain level of freedom and power  that says it all




Here’s how one can test oneself. Take the subject of having our own national news media being presented. If the first thought is apprehension of how will white people feel about such a project as opposed to the elation of our no longer being marginalized, those reactions speak for themselvesThis Is All About A Collective Sense Of Racial Pride, Self Esteem And Common Sense


James T. A. Babington-Johnson



James T.A.Babington-Johnson







We documented a case of a Knoxville News Sentinel reporter Jamie Satterfield doing a Jason Blair reporting job on an ATF conducted public cavity strip search with local police support. However, Satterfield’s articles were even more supportive in fabricating details buttressing the police and ATF lying denials. It’s all on tape on YouTube “Police Race Lies and Video Tape.”


The Chicago news media refusing to report the “Black Sites” where police have for years been engaged in illegal detention and brutality despite victims and attorneys asking the news media to look into the injustice has now been exposed.  It took a British newspaper The Guardian to expose the American news media complicity with the Chicago Police department’s racist practices.


For the mother of all news media exposés that documents the entire news media engaged in complicity with law enforcement, we have our own "THE BIG COVER UP," which is the piece de résistance leaving no doubt of this mainstream news media's insidious racist practice and longstanding tradition. The video reveals the “full Monty” of news media driven racist practices.  It exposes co-opted black reporters, lying black and white police officers, misguided prominent black spokespeople, a devious deceptive police chief and finally a totally bogus investigative commission.


We documented this travesty from beginning to end, which was basically covered-up by the entire news media. It was not as if we found the proverbial needle in the haystack we found a haystack full of needles. What we have uncovered is a tradition as strong in the news media as the code of silence is in law enforcement. There is certainly no confession coming from the mainstream news media profession. More importantly, but for our exposé  this would still be America’s best kept racist secret.


The expose, which you can view here, will be included in our news day sample television pilot. In any case, we leave all of those reviewing this presentation with this question. Can we afford not to have this news media operation we are offering?